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Utilizing 3D Reverse Engineering to Repair or Produce Classic Car Parts

With the rapid development of automobile technology, various equipment and electronic systems may have increased the comfort and safety of driving, however people start losing the initial communication with the vehicles.

Over the years, the rapid development of automobile design and manufacturing has made dramatic improvement to the comfort and safety of vehicles. However, with every new vehicle comes new parts which over time, especially decades, is challenging to keep in stock.

Porsche has a reasonable amount of all older parts in its factory, but it is impossible to stock all the parts, especially for the vintage cars.

With parts are out of stock and the cost of reproduction high, especially for limited edition like Porsche 959, the department decided to use 3D scanning to produce a small number of on demand.

Nine parts have been reproduced using 3D scanning technology, and more than 20 parts to evaluate their feasibility by using 3D scanning. The parts include Porsche 959 clutch release bearing links and spare parts for 356B and 356 models.

All parts have been tested to ensure the same durability and quality as the original parts. The advantage of using 3D printing is avoiding mass production and its enormous cost. With 3D reverse engineering technology, parts for vintage cars can be reproduced easily solving the problem of when those parts are no longer available.

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