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Mould Industry

Aluminum die casting is an important manufacturing process for mechanical components because it is more precise. However, post-processing is usually required to improve quality. 

An unprocessed aluminum die was created through 3D scanning which include the deformations that occurred during manufacturing. The deformations can be shown using computer-aided design (CAD) data by comparing it with the product. The plane and cylindrical portions of the mold CAD data were corrected. 

Cast aluminum also shrinks when it cools so it is difficult maintain a precise shape. In many cases, die-cast aluminum needs to be processed to improve the quality. 

There is a way for improving the precision of die casting by correcting a metal mold. The 3D scan data of the cast aluminum includes information about the die cast deformation. 

Correcting CAD mold data includes three steps.

  1. 3D scanning of cast aluminum
  2. Comparison between scan data and product CAD with estimates of corrections
  3. Correct the mold CAD data using the estimated correction amount

A new aluminum die-casting mold modification method was proposed. Using 3D laser scanner to scan the initial mold of aluminum cast. The metal mold is processed according to the corrected CAD data and the cast aluminum is obtained.

This correction shows an improvement in the flatness of the planar portion. This shows the effectiveness of the approach. 

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