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Control X
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Powerful Inspection Software

Geomagic Control X 3D inspection software has a new user interface, provides creative new tools for metrology and inspection, workflow-driven planning, and progressively promotes inspections. These tools create automatically 3D inspections that are easy to operate and suitable for all manufacturing applications. Workflows enable more accurate measurement and fast analysis of manufactured parts and assemblies to ensure better product quality.

Geometric Tolerance Detection

The Geomagic Control X 3D inspection software has a full range of intuitive measurement, dimension, and tolerance tools. Whether you need to automatically detect geometric features, instant deviation tools or reverse alignment, you can find an integrated comprehensive solution.

New Report Features

Geomagic Control X’s new powerful reporting capabilities automatically generate clear multi-chart reports. The result-oriented workflow allows you to focus on the project setup to meet the communication needs of the people involved, without too much effort to improve the measurement process. Customize view and view style reports to bring reports closer to traditional written or PDF printed graphics.

Fast and Reliable Automatic Inspection

Use the Python programming language automation capabilities to develop environmental variables and inspection processes to meet the company needs. Using a custom pattern environment, you can use the multi-function command line, including direct input of CAD models, build inspection reports, and process point clouds and grid data.

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